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Are you tired of suffering from dry, itchy, cracked skin every winter?

                     Would you like to get to the bottom of why all the lotion in the world doesn't truly solve the problem?

                     Dermatologists believe that the issue may be a result of the
                     pH balance of your skin. The outer layer of your epidermis,
                     the Stratum Corneum, is a slightly acidic, protective barrier
                     with a typical pH level ranging from 4.5 to 6.5. This physical
                     and chemical barrier or acid mantle, provides a layer of
                     protection against microorganisms like bacteria, as well as
                     any alkaline substances. Skin that is too alkaline becomes
                     sensitive and very dry.

                     Too much alkalinity and lack of proper mineral content is
                     the key issue with dry skin! There are many creams, lotions
                     and treatments that claim to repair and protect your acid
                     mantle, however there is a much easier, longer lasting way to
                     handle this!

                     To combat skin alkalinity you just need to introduce
                     mineralized acidic water during your skincare routine. This
                     acidic water will balance your skin and keep your acid mantle
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