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Hot spring water (just as nature provides) increases your metabolism, boosts
                      circulation, increases blood flow and aids in the absorption of essential minerals. The continuous flow of
                      mineral-rich water from the Anespa turns your tub or shower into a home natural hot spring!

                      The thermal benefits of soaking or showering in mineral-rich, hot spring water (balneotherapy) is
                      unparalleled. This is why the Anespa DX is such an important investment into healthier more youthful

                      The NEW ANESPA DX features a larger ceramic cartridge,
                      with an even greater amount of ceramic balls* from the
                      Futamata Radium Hot Springs and Chikutan.

                      This new cartrige removes 100% of residual chlorine.

                      *The ceramic balls from the Futamata Hot Springs contain Tufa (extracted from the hot springs),  which
                      metabolizes when hardened and provides a relaxing and therapeutic hot spring effect.
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