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                      Now that we've dealt with your skin, let's go a little deeper. The pH level of your inner body may be
                      contributing to the health of your skin. Acidic foods and beverages affect the body's ability to maintain
                      the proper pH levels. condition may also be affected by the pH level of your inner body. Excess acid gets
                      stored inside your body, becoming the source of many health issues. These built-up acids can make it
                      difficult for blood to move freely through the blood vessels to your face and top layers of your skin, which
                      can hinder healthy skin.

                       Switching from acidic to alkaline regarding your food and beverage consumption is the key
                       element to providing balance to your insides which ultimately reflects on the outside. Foods like
                       fruits and vegetables, alkaline-rich water, sea salt, and many grains are the healthy choices you
                       should be making.

                       Drinking alkaline-rich water is easy with Enagic® Kangen Water®, which is 8 to 9.5 on the pH
                       scale. This delicious, hydrogen-rich alkaline water is a natural way to return your body to its peak
                       performance. Help your skin stay hydrated, nourished, and properly protected by drinking plenty of
                       healthy, super-hydrating Kangen Water®!

                       Let Enagic® help you discover beautiful skin, hair and great

                       health... inside and out!
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